Featured on Junebug Weddings!.... well Jon + Theresa's feet that is!

I saw a link in my site tracker with lots of traffic originating from it, so I followed it and was happy to find this shot from Jon + Theresa's wedding used in a vintage bike inspiration board.
junebug weddings,inspiration
I love the Junebug Weddings blog, there is so much inspiration there for brides, from wedding dresses to cakes, to decor and definitely lots of eye candy! Check them out if you love weddings, because they are one of the top wedding blogs and always have original, inspiring content! And what an honor to have one of my pictures featured alongside two of my fave photographers, Jose Villa and Stephanie Williams!


Christy @ Junebug said...

Thank you Kayleen! Your images are lovely!

Alice said...

Congratulations... that is great!

Anonymous said...

he he still super cool!!

Anonymous said...

super cool! one day I hope to get in one of those magazines/websites :)

kaysi fox said...

wow, i love your pictures!!! you are so talented!!!

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