So inspired! The Lyonshop Las Vegas

I have just returned from a fun, info-filled day with the Lyons, my favorite wedding photographers. I leave the day full of inspiration. I admire they're flow and ease working side by side as a husband and wife photography team... it makes me want to bring my husband along to shoots, (he is artistic, draws and does tattoos so I think he would be a great fit!)

Amelia has shown me that I need to manage my time better, streamline my workflow and make sure to have dedicated work days but also have mommy-days to focus on my kids, myself, my husband and home.

If you are ever considering taking this workshop, I would highly recommend it!
Amelia and Justin are so genuine and their artistic point of view on wedding photography is soo inspirational!

Don't mind my junky iPhone pictures, I didn't take my big camera out once I was too busy observing!


Anonymous said...

i love them too!! i want to go so bad hopefully next year I will (:

Jamie Sampson Photography said...


Leah Miller said...

YAY!!! It was so fun to meet you. Hopefully we can get together sometime soon.

Melejane said...

That's really cool Kayleen...I'm glad they inspired you just as you inspire alot of us:-)

margaret lee said...

Hi Kayleen! It was so great meeting you too. I'll definitely keep in touch. I love your work! I will have to make a trip to Utah to visit sometime :)

Julie said...

Love these pics!! :)

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