Ngata Family// 2009

Meet the Ngata family, visiting from Baltimore. 
We took advantage of the beautiful fall colors that Utah has to offer.

View the Ngata family's 2012 photos here: 


Onto the pictures..
haloti ngata.

haloti ngata
Seriously!...How cute is he?
haloti ngata
haloti ngata
He'll be melting girls' hearts with those eyes! Check out those eyelashes!
haloti ngata

Little Tongan boy.
Baby with his dad's Baltimore Ravens jersey. Go #92!
haloti ngata
haloti ngata
haloti ngata
Doesn't Mom look great only 3 months after having a baby!
haloti ngata
haloti ngata
haloti ngata

Thanks Haloti, Christina and Sam!




Myrn Photography said...

Beautiful family and very beautiful pictures! Great job Kayleen!

Ashley said...

OMG! A beautiful family, beautiful locaations. You totally rocked it Kayleen. These are just BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL! Awesome job!

Cindy Schultz said...

these are all so wonderful! beautiful baby and those eyes do melt me into a puddle.

Rina Lasi Photography said...

Love every single one Kayleen!

Alicia said...

Kayleen! These are stunning!

Kiki Fangupo said...

Wow that is a big baby for only 3 months! Beautiful photos. Loved the scenery!!

Dasl*it Photography said...

Love the family pics Kayleen.. You already know Im a big fan.. The baby is so cute and what a beautiful family..

Erin said...

These are sooo cute. Fantastic jog girl!

Puanani Tuiolosega said...

Kayleen, you ROCKED these photos out!! I LOVE them! We're big football fans of Haloti Ngata..lol! His son looks like he's at least 6 months - definitely a heartbreaker in the making. GORGEOUS PICTURES!!!

violetsky photo said...

You rocked it out as always! He is a very big boy. LOVE the fall colors. Great job.

Alisa Greig said...

sooo nice kayleen! such a beautiful family! i love the eyes and the great colorful fall leaves :)

SamanthaClarke said...

Awesome set! What a gorgeous family!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE EM!! Cutest family and the lil baby is too cute=) Love the colors, where was this??

Anda said...

these are BRILLIANT, kayleen! i love them ALL, seriously cannot even pick a favorite. i am wowed.

the mama hood said...

I know his grandma and & Grandpa are smiling down on this sweet little baby! Great photos of my fam Kayleen!

Beth said...

This is a beautiful family and you do fantastic work!

Brianna Phelan said...

What a gorgeous family and the autumn colours are insane. beautiful beautiful shoot :)

alic said...

My sister told me that I have to look at these photos, and boy was she right! What a gorgeous family, and such beautiful photographs for them remember this special time with. I'm adding you to my google reader page!

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