Dwayne + Tarra engagements photo shoot in Reno

I went out to Reno to take Dwayne and Tarra's engagement photos. I first met Tarra in a starbucks in Reno. It was my first "official" client meeting and I was nervous! Not to mention unprepared, I didn't bring my sample albums and my laptop was dead. All I had was a smile on my face and the promise that I'm a super-over-prepared-freak-perfectionist-when-it-comes-to-my-art!....and score she booked me! I'm forever grateful for clients like Tarra who intrust me to be there on their most special day.
I had so much fun exploring downtown Reno with Dwayne + Tarra. There is a river that runs through downtown and people were just swimming and kayaking right through downtown. We then drove and found a really cool old barn. Their wedding is in August and it's in a haunted Opera house in a haunted town called Virginia City... and I'm only slightly scared.


Erin said...

These look awesome. Great job. I love the lighting.

Dasl*it Photography said...

Great job Kayleen, you are awesome..

xppinkx said...

hey doll

i just wanted to come by and sniff you out...i have to say this blog is delicious!!! i love your photography its quite beautiful...i have respect for people who have an extreme passion for photography...your pictures are soooo clear and the contrast of colors are amazing...i really want to take a photography class...i just love taking pictures...its sentimental value to me...i would love your advice on some cameras...i particularly love to take pictures of food and people...what camera would you suggest?


Kristen Marie Photography said...

Too good. Great job!

ManonD said...

Wow! You did an awesome job!!! They'll have tons of great pictures!

I hope you won't be mad at me... In the 5th picture, I find that her hands look weird with the pp... It's an awesome photo with great light but her hands look dirty. :S

That being said, I just wanted to say that your blog is an fantastic source of inspiration! I like taht you post almost every day!!! :D

Cathy (and David) said...

What a cute set! I love the shot of him through her arm... great angle!!!

sepa said...

two thumbs way up high. way to go, kayleen!

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