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Wow this year is almost over, wow.  
I have been in a bit of a flurry of craziness... happy-exhausted-joyful-overwhelming-craziness.  
In the midst of my busiest wedding season to date, I had our third baby, 
who has been beyond anything we could've ever hoped for.  
 I have so much pictures to share, yet, I don't know if I want to?????  
Yes, they are pictures of beautiful couples, with such great natural chemistry.
Really, I couldn't have asked for more wonderful human-beings, in love, to photograph.  
However, I find myself thinking that what I'm delivering is not different enough,
it isn't good enough, I need to push myself more. 
I feel like I'm on the precipice of something new for myself.... 
it's frustrating yet exhilarating.  
This drive I feel to rediscover myself and reinvent the way I see things 
and get out of this rut of "same-ness" has me on a roller coaster of
loving my work to absolutely hating it.
 Who knows I most likely will share what I've been up to this year because 
ultimately I loved these moments I was apart of, these people that let me into their lives, 
their tears of joy and exuberant laughs... 
I loved every minute of it.  
I'm just at the low point of this roller coaster ride tonight.  
I guess it's just the growing pains of an artist.


ulugia_c said...

Hey sis:) Finally trying to get on this bloggin' stuff!! FB is gettin' old anyway. I decided to post, lately I've felt the same way. Ugh, blah but then hmmmm?? Lol!! Lettin' you know your not alone;) I don't quite know how to express it yet, let it go and do tha dayumm thang!! Ha!! Love you Kayleen.


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