Inspiration in the moving form.

The year was 2002 and I was a sophomore in high school, 
sitting in my family's tv room with a vhs tape in hand and MTV on the dial. 
 I would record my favorite music videos on my vhs tapes because they inspired me somehow. 
 Either I loved the song, the dance moves or the clothes and makeup or 
because it was simply a visually pretty video. 
 I sometimes thought how cool it would be to be a music video director and have my own "Making the Video" segment!

I wish I still had those recorded tapes, luckily for me I can still find the videos on youtube!
See my 2002 flashback videos here,  the tracksuits galore and Nelly still wore a band-aid :)

Today, MTV is still on the dial and music videos still inspire me.
This one made me jump out of my computer chair and stand fixed in front of the TV. 
I love it so much, song and video, from the parachute to her smoky eyes. 

What inspires you?


{RL}Photography said...

Oh heck yeah! I am feelin' that playlist haha Do you remember The Box? Oh gosh!

Anonymous said...

I used to record videos at MTV too!! hehehe

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