A week ago I watched a talk given by Jeremy Cowart on artistic vision. 
(If you missed it, I think you can view it here.)
 It made me think about where I find inspiration (and it's not on the computer) and how I envision a photo. I have a technique I use for lots of things, from thinking of a photo to making an important decision and it starts with my eyes closed. 
 If I'm trying to decide whether I want to paint something green or blue, I close my eyes. 
 When I'm trying to think of a pose for a shoot, I close my eyes. 

 My husband thinks I'm quite weird when he walks up to me in Ikea and I'm standing there with a pink pillow in one hand, a yellow pillow in the other, with my eyes closed and my brow furrowed in deep concentration.  But, that is my technique, because with my eyes closed I can envision anything. 

Here is an example, of a picture I saw in my mind and quickly sketched out in my notepad so I wouldn't forget and then that vision brought to life with a real couple in love. 

utah enga

So go out there, get off your computer and find your technique and vision. 
Vision that is unique to YOU. 
Because no one can duplicate YOU.


Melejane said...

I LOVE this post. I have 3 small notebooks in my purse at all times...lol. That is so funny about the ikea part, when I get the new catalog I envision and draw the items in my home. Drawing, sketching, doodling really do allow us to tap into our own unique visions.

TFanene said...

that was awesome ... I love this ...

Anonymous said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this=) You gooooo! Haha.


Alexandra said...

LOVE this post! Always love hearing about peoples visions, what inspires people and how that comes to life. Beautiful.

Sanae James Photography said...

dang girl! you're quite the artist! I do the same thing...but it's at night, always before I go to bed. My mind goes a thousand miles a minute and I can't go to sleep. I still have a couple of things that have been in my head for quite some time...just waiting for the right couple to do it.:) Loved your post!

The Ah Quins said...

luv it!

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