Fashion Friday: Couple's Retreat.

My brother-in-law is tying the knot and asked me to give them ideas for outfits for their engagement pictures based on the color red. Now, I'm no fashionista, AT ALL, most days you can find me in skinny jeans, an over-sized Bob Marley tee and slippers or flats. None the less, here are a two looks I put together for them. Something casual and something more dressy.



I am in love with the whole denim revival, something about it is so summery and vintage.
Check out The Gap for cute denim looks

or even your local thrift store or even an online vintage/thrift shop.
One of my faves is Bleubird Vintage!
One of their looks that I am in love with!

Also, check out Bonjour Vintage

Happy Friday!


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