San Francisco Engagement photographer :: Sneak Peak

So grateful for the opportunity to share in a couple's LOVE, if only for a couple hours. Not to mention, it was so nice seeing green , lush leaves. Such a nice escape from the barren, dead trees in Utah.

Engagement photos on Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco by San Francisco Wedding Photographer Kayleen T.


Talofa Teine said...

Beautiful colors Kayleen! Great job as always!

Janet said...

awesome photo!!

Kilean said...

Hi Kayleen!
Thanks so much! thats too bad you can't make it to the dinner! thats ok i'm sure we'll all get to meet you on saturday. i am so excited to go i know i'm gonna learn so much! you however, i think you are pretty set. seriously though, you are a-ma-zing. i just spent like half and hour on your website haha.. see you in vegas!

Kiki Fangupo said...


MARCIA said...

Beautiful. I love the lush green!!

IzzieGuire said...

lovelovelove the brightness of the colors!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! The colors of her top and scarf against the green are just magnificent!

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