A year in pictures

Amidst the trick-or-treating, candy and costumes, October brings my one year photo-versary!   It's been a crazy year that has brought a lot of fun, friends, and fears to fruition.  

Fears of possibly letting go of a dream that I've had since I was a child, that I worked hard at through 2 pregnancies, nights of cramming, endless equations, formulas, finals and flash cards! (Can't forget about them flash cards!) Fears of making a wrong choice, choosing the wrong path and regretting the time lost. 

Friends in each one of my clients, babies and brides.   I loved meeting all of you!  Thank you for letting me into your lives for a few hours to capture the bonds between mom and her newborn, dad and his only son, the love shared between a man and his new wife.   The new friends I've made who share a love of photography, weddings and creativeness! Thank you for the inspiration. 

FUN! in doing something I love doing.  Being able to have a creative outlet to let my mind dream and my eyes speak!  Fun, chasing kids around with a 7 pound camera, photographing a bride and groom in the pouring rain, and spending day and night at my desk editing!   It might not sound like fun to some people but it has never ever felt like work because I love it so much....the getting fat while sitting at my desk all day, on the other hand, has not been fun but thats what new years resolutions are for, right!? ;)   

I'm excited for what year 2 holds for me and my little business.  I'm looking forward to revamping my website and blog in my down month.   I'm making lots of new goals, prioritizing my time, and spending less time editing and more time with my kids, so I can be their best friend again and not those beezy's Dora and Kai-Lan!  The plus side, though, is my 2 year old now speaks Spanish and Chinese! ha ha j/k.!    

I've decided to start drawing again since thats where my roots are, possibly a new weekly installment on my blog.  I love these notebooks and will probably be getting a few for this purpose.  I highly recommend to everyone having some form of a creative outlet, taking pictures, scrapbooking, painting, interior decor, sewing and design, cooking, carve some wood, make your own paper,  sew a dress,  make some jewelry......... anything that you can create and feel proud of.  You can always sell it on etsy and make some money! Bonus! 

In retrospect, it's been a great year.  I've had to dig deep to find out who I was, my style and direction.  I've learned a lot and have so much more to learn.  It's been stressful and I've got some new grey hairs to prove it, what I'm 23 and have some grey hair, ugghhhh!  

Sorry, I'm back....here are some of my favorite pictures that I've taken over this past year.  If you want to read more about why I started photography click here.  Otherwise, enjoy a year in pictures.  

It's one of the very first pictures I took and still a favorite.  

utah wedding photographer

Some I haven't blogged yet, coming soon!

Utah Senior Photography
utah child photography
utah family photographer
utah family photographer
utah family photographer
utah family photographer

little kiko

My babies

Fave Ring shots, bouquets and details.


AhquinFotoz said...

Hey K, you are truly an inspiration!! I've been a big fan or your work since I caught glance of it..I'm excited to know what the new year brings for you. Keep doing yo thang girl!! Much luv and support!



Kayleen your ROCK my SOCKS!! Happy 1yr anniversary!!! Lucky u are doing what u love!! u inspire me to be more creative U GO GIRL!!!

touchthesky said...

Congrats on your 1st year!! You have done and are doing an amazing job! Keep up the great work.. I am a huge fan :) Thank you for sharing your talent with us can't wait for future posts!

Alisa Greig said...

Congratulations Kayleen on your first year!!! You have developed you style so uniquely and beautifully and all in a year?!--that's amazing!--what an inspiration! you should be so proud! looking forward to more and even your drawings, I bet they're just as amazing! aloha

Theresa Fanene said...
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Theresa Fanene said...

CONGRATS on YOUR 1 yr!! Love your work & been a fan since I first seen them. You inspire me not to give up & keep doing what I'm doing!! Excited for the new year..Can't wait for a workshop .. lol .. Keep doing what you do best!!


Rina Lasi Photography said...

Kayleen you are an inspiration and amazing to say the least. Congrats on getting through your first year! I hear that's the hardest? Keep it up girl :)

Anne Elisabeth said...

you inspire me a lot!
I´m following a education creative design on the computer. Every now and then while the teacher is talking I surf to your site. You rock!

Melissa J Cornell said...

BLOWN AWAY!!! GIrl! Do you know how good you are!?

tracie said...

I love your pictures. I am just starting out and have such a passion for photography. I hope one day to be as good as you.

IzzieGuire said...

What an inspiration! Especially for me as a stay @ home mother of 2. Thank you for letting me follow your journey! Here's to an exciting & fulfilling 2nd year- CHEERS!

Melissa J Cornell said...

Hey kathleen, Thanks For the comments, I would love to chat with you about what your photography. I started out in Sept, and I love love love what I do. I love learning from those of you who have done this way longer...Let me know what you think!

Seini Photography said...

Congrats Kayleen! Your work has always and is so amazing. Keep it up!

Luisa 'Iongi said...

I can't believe you've only been doing photography for a year. You're so good at what you do! You're truly AMAZING! Happy to support you in any way we can:)


The 'Iongi Family

Anonymous said...

Kayleen!! Sorry sis, I havent been on your blog in foreverrr...I was catching up and I just am so proud of you!! Congrats on your one year and the many many more to come=) I love your work, and have since back in our days of cruisin' in Selas ride..Haha. I would ask ask about your drawings too..."Hey wats that?! Soo colorfull;) You would be shy too..Lol.
But like you said..."let my mind dream and my eyes speak!".....I couldnt have said it better, pure genius, you!! Lol. Keep up the beautifull work, sis!! Love ya!!


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