Justin + Marissa: Married

Meet Marissa and Justin. They are current BYU students about to take on the world as doctors. I once had a dream to become a doctor.....and then I had 2 kids and kissed that dream  (and the brain cells needed to become one) goodbye.    But, seriously these two are my kind of couple, easy-going, super cute, mellow and down to have fun!  Their wedding was May 2nd at the Salt Lake City Temple and their reception was at The Lion House.  They vacationed in Disneyland, then returned to their home states for another reception.  

I'm so grateful for this wonderful couple, they booked me when I was just starting my business, before I had any weddings to show them and just based upon my portrait work alone.  Thanks for taking a leap of faith with me Marissa and Justin! You guys rock!   

I love spring time at the Temple!

The moment right before a kiss...officially my favorite moment!

They really wanted a jumping picture, so I was happy to help them with that.  
See I told you they were fun!

Aren't they cute!

The beautiful bride

Reception at the Lion House

Their Groomal Session is up next!


Broderick: [+/-] Photo said...

Hey there!
Stopping in from all the way in New Haven, CT to say that I love the vintage style processing on some of these shots and that your usage of lens flare is utterly inspiring.
Great work!

These clients must be so happy!
Great photographs, count me as a new fan.

Heidi Ryder said...

These are fantastic, Kayleen! The shots of the temple are gorgeous and you got some absolutely fabulous lens flare going on. Love it!

The Modern Type said...

these are so, so great! i'm lovin' your style!

Anonymous said...

You already know I love your stuff! Another amazing shoot in the bag girl!

Erin said...

Beautiful wedding. I love seeing those spring flowers and blossoms. Great job. I love the one with the umbrellas.

{RL}Photography said...

Color attack! LOVE IT...great job once again :) (Especially love the ring shot with the man and woman figurine...so cute!)


Morena said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your work boy I can't wait till I find my other half LOL NBFR, you do an awesome job, keep it up!!

Justin said...

I love these Kayleen! I just keep looking at them over and over again. You even made me look good, even though I really looked like a wet dog that day :) (Thanks a lot, rain!)You are so amazing and talented. When you're a super photography star I'm going to be like, "Yeah, Kayleen did my wedding. I was one of her first weddings even. We're tight. Believe it." It'll be my favorite thing to brag about :)

Maka said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love how use color, and your composition is amazing!

Kayleen T. Photography said...

Lol@ Marissa, yes girl we are H.F.L (homies for life!) cuz were tight like that! he he he!

Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

Hi Kayleen,
I was in the Omi's spring shoot with you. I love this wedding session. Great job--your work is great!Love the punches of color.

Onada Photography said...

beautiful! I loveee it. Very fairy tale like! Great job.

Images by Serena Gene said...

Wow! You really are pretty AMAZING!
Awesome work!
BTW, I am glad that the meatball post was my first impression of you. Who doesn't want to blog stalk a girl that has a meatball thrown at her face? Well I do, I was cracking up! You should have won. boo. :)

Kiki Fangupo said...

holy cow these are AMAZING!!! WOW!!

ronnie said...


Navy Sou said...

These are AMAZING, Kayleen!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey writing you back!!
Justin (and now Marissa) is my cousin, and I LOVE your work!!

keep up the awesome work.
Love your style!

ps) yes hello kitty is a big deal

Dasl*it Photography said...

Love your work girl.. This shoot rocked. You have the color in all your shots perfect.. The b/w ones priceless.. Love it love it love it..

Photographer : Holly Steen said...

Adorable! Absolutely fantastic!

Way to go on capturing the moments!


Jessica Monnich said...

Wow AMAZING!! Great job! I like your new blog too! GREAT colors!

alyson said...

Gorgeous images and I love your blog!!

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