Summah in H-town.

June 2015 looked pretty much like this. 
(Testing out my new pentax and ektar pushed 2 stops.)

 photo CM15565tau626004-R4-046blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R4-048blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-041blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R2-017blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-036blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-033blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-028blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-032blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R4-056blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R4-053blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R4-058blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-040blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-035blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-037blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R4-055blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R3-039blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R2-013blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R2-023blog.jpg  photo CM15565tau626004-R2-019blog.jpg


Motoki said...

THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! <3 Did you shoot them with ISO XY ... or push´ed them in the development process? SO GREAT, YOUR PORTFOLIO!

Sam Ford said...

So cute! every click is perfect and showing amazing experience. Keep it up!

senior photographer Newport Coast

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