I've shot a ton of family photos but I've yet to have a real family session for myself. It's ironic I know, the photographer who is never photographed. 

We have our first real family photo shoot this upcoming week, our photographer, Ben, is coming in from Arizona and it is slightly stressful.  I've heard it all before while working with other families, how everything goes wrong right before the day of your shoot and I know now what you guys have been talking about!! ;)

 My boys are sick, like copious amounts of snot, wiping every 5 minutes before it slithers down into their open mouthes...umm...eeewww! I've got half an eyebrow thanks to a careless eyebrow-threader-lady who've I've since hexed in my mind a hundred times and a few times more every time I look in the mirror! I never did lose that baby weight from having little Mani.... a year ago... hehe.
And I swear I'm in the middle of a fat week, "why am I retaining so much water!" LOL.
Now hopefully my son's haircut tomorrow will go as planned and we can find something for my husband to wear or we will be the raggediest bunch there ever was. 


this is a really important "BUT".... you can skip over my whole melodramatic rant up there and just read this below.....

It is SOO important to me to freeze this time of our lives;

When Sieli was 5, the summer before starting kindergarten and had a missing bottom tooth and still a little bit of baby-chub to her cute little cheeks.  

When Legend was 3, the week before he turned 4 and still had the coolest hair in town and loved to run fast and jump and pretend he was the red power ranger who goes "SUPER-FAST".

When Baby Mani was 1, and had the cutest little curls and ringlets and little gap in his front baby teeth and walked like a cute little baby penguin, waddling everywhere.  

When Mommy had lavender blonde hair and Daddy had dreads, "orraiighhh"! ;)

A photographer friend of mine photographed two families (1, 2) who have each lost one of their children after their photoshoot.  What a blessing it must be to be able to look back at their beautiful photographs and have something to remember their child's laugh or special smile.

Stop putting off your family photos to lose weight or blah blah blah.  
You only have right now to capture that cute little quirk in your kids or they're camera shy grin or their terrible-twos-tantrum. hehe.  

Something to think about.


Danette He said...

That was just beautiful, Kayleen! Really perfectly said!!

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