<<>>G I V E A W A Y! <<>>

I've been feeling a little under the weather, sick kids, sick baby and work piling up.  
Times like this I find the best pick-me-up is doing something nice for someone else.  
It always brightens my day when I see your comments on my photos and kind words of support... so to show my appreciation I want to do a photo session giveaway.
This is my first photo session giveaway!! 

I'll be giving away two portrait sessions + disc of images.   

The first session giveaway will be a random drawing here on the blog.  
For the second session giveaway,  I want you to nominate someone who you think deserves to win,
view more info on my facebook page.  

To enter the random drawing, just leave a comment on this post... include your name and email
(or someway to contact you if you win. ) 

For extra entries into the drawing you can do the following below. Then leave another comment telling which you did, for an extra entry each, up to 7 entries total! 

  1.  Post about this giveaway on your blog and include this link: http://kayleentphotography.blogspot.com/2011/09/g-i-v-e-w-y.html  and then comment with a link to your blog post.  
  2. Post this on your facebook wall:  Kayleen T. Photography is giving away 2 photo sessions at http://kayleentphotography.blogspot.com/2011/09/g-i-v-e-w-y.html
  3. Tweet this:  @kayleent is giving away 2 photo sessions at http://kayleentphotography.blogspot.com/2011/09/g-i-v-e-w-y.html
  4. Follow this blog by clicking the "Join this site"  button on the bottom right --->
  5. Like my facebook page
  6. Post my blog button in your blog sidebar.  Grab the code on the right ---->

A few conditions:  All can enter, past clients as well.  You do not have to be located in Utah to enter, our paths just have to cross within the next year. The free session can be used towards any portrait shoot except extended families and newborns as I don't shoot those.  So immediate family, individuals, couples, children, teen/senior, bridals, boudoir or maternity. You must use it towards a future session before September 2012.  And you cannot wear matching outfits... don't worry I'll send you a clothing guide.  ;)

Entries accepted until Monday Oct. 3rd 11:59 PM MST.
Winner announced shortly after. 


Jennifer Uesele Photography said...

Yay!!!! I absolutely LOVE your work!!! Fingers crossed!! Lol Jennifer Uesele jennijane18@gmail.com

sWeEt said...
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sWeEt said...

Hi Kayleen!!! :) I'm a HUGE FAN of your work! :)
Elisa Atiga
Thanks for sharing the give away! :)

Anonymous said...

Yayy!! Exciting... Hope I win, haha... Then the session I was planning to pay for can possibly just be free, hahaha!! Loves!! :)
Melini Kitekeiaho

Anonymous said...

so much fun!!! I think my family deserve it or me with my love one. this is {Evelyn eve_evis@yahoo.es} you know my blog :)

Kristin said...

This is awesome Kayleen. I love our photos that you did of us last fall and would love have you photograph our little girl this year!

Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

Kristin Heal

Aki said...

I am crossing fingers...toes...eyes & making my family do the same in hopes WE WIN!!! YAY!!!! LA-LA-LOVE your work!!! amalaeulu@yahoo.com

Kristin said...

I added this to my twitter!!!

Kristin said...

and my facebook!

Kristin said...

and I am following your blog (which I thought I already did, but guess I didn't)! I feel like a nerd posting so much, but I really would LOVE to win this giveaway!

Anonymous said...

i liked your fb page... well, actually i did that long time ago.... and sorry about posting annonymously but your blog won't let me post through my google account... ugh, sorry, i'm really new to all of this, haha
-melini kitekeiaho

Melissa Nickle, Owner of Blossom Sweet said...

I like your facebook page! And I think you know how to contact me. :)

Would so love to win!

Melissa Nickle w/Blossom Sweet

Anonymous said...

i tweeted this on my twitter
melini kitekeiaho

Anonymous said...

posted this on my facebook
melini kitekeiaho

Falena Tuutau Kalapa said...

HI MISS TAULANGA!!! My name is Falena Kalapa and I am your other halfs cousin from his daddys side, but I tell everyone that his mommy is my Auntie too!! LOL...I have 6 children, 3 girls and 3 boys,never had professional photos taken, I am looking to move to a new place and want to adorn my home with pictures of my beautiful living legends.(children) My address is
4401 W. Trinity Ave
West Valley, Utah 84120

Bradley and Jennie said...

I would love some new family photos from you! I still die over the ones you did of my family a few years ago.

I already follow your blog.

Jennie Fredrickson

karlee said...

Oh pick me!
Karlee Lemon

Anonymous said...

posted on my blog... don't know if i did it right, haha...

Aki said...

I thought I was already following your blog....FOLLOWING!!! Yeah!! =)

Aki said...

Posted a post on my blog -----> http://malaeulu.blogspot.com/2011/09/kayleeen-t-photography-giveaway.html

Button on my blog------> http://malaeulu.blogspot.com/

Liked your FB Page .....YES!

Posted you link on FB....YUP!

Even created a twitter just to get another vote! LOL......wahooo!!!!

now im going to go say a prayer and rub the buddah's belly for good luck!!!

kaitie said...

i love your pictures! you took my brother Tom williams and his wife Lauren White's wedding pictures and also my sister's family pictures, Kristin Heal. my name is kaitie page and my email is kaitiepage@hotmail.com

evelyn said...

so much fun!!! I think my family deserve it or me with my love one. this is {Evelyn eve_evis@yahoo.es} you know my blog :)

Liked on FaceBook*
Button to Follow Blog*
Button on my personal Blog*

Anonymous said...

i love your post processing techniques!!

G said...

Your work is absolutely wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Please pick me!!! I love love your work!

Kayleen T. said...

Please leave your name and email or contact info. Thanks!!

bijin said...

You're an awesome photographer! i wish you could do me and my family coz I never look good in pictures. LOL!

Ku'uipo Photography said...

absolutely *L*O*V*E* your work!You are soooooo talented. Wish we could afford you, but this giveway gives me hope..lol Please enter us in.

Candice Kalamafoni
dice16@gmail.com or kuuipopics@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

awesome! Umukisia T. - umukisia@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I also:
-posted this on my fb wall
-follow your blog
-like your fb page
-posted your button in my blog (not sure that it works though, since i'm new and still configuring my site, sad i know lol)

thanks & crossing fingers!

btw - i still believe you are one of the best photographers out there and love following your work!

Umukisia T.

Anonymous said...

Yayyy! I'll have to stalk you at church too....LOL

-Liked your fb page (ages ago)
-posted your web page link on my fb!!

Luseane Tafisi

sarah said...

Hi Kayleen! My name is Sarah Taliulu and I've loved your work since I saw a maternity shoot you did a few years back. I'm a huge fan and am so excited you're doing a giveaway! I'll keep my fingers crossed :) Here's my email address: sarah_taliulu@msn.com. Thank you!

flora shrode said...

Pick me, pick me!


I know Kristin Heal and learned of your give away from here facebook page. Really like the photos you took of her & her family in fall 2010.

Klarah said...

I "Follow" this blog!! If you can't tell I am going for a chance to win:) Klarah Motuliki, klarah.moliki@yahoo.com!! Good luck to me..

Klarah said...

I also "Liked" your fb page and tweeted it!!

Susan said...

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this...


Good luck to me!

♥Carolynn said...

Love your pictures & would love to win!

Carolynn Fotu

♥Carolynn said...

I liked you on facebook!

♥Carolynn said...

I'm following your blog!

♥Carolynn said...

Posted the giveaway on my facebook!

♥Carolynn said...

Posted to my blog...

Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

Pick ME!!!!

Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

Ok I've been a follower for awhile now so does that count for extra entries lol.

AND I've liked your page for awhile now too lol

AND I twittered your giveaway

So 3 (plus ;)) extra entries! yay! and more to come

Penelope Lolohea said...

I would LOVE this! Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

sarah said...

I've already posted a comment for an entry, but I also: posted your giveaway on my fb wall, posted it on my blog (http://iliganoa99.blogspot.com/2011/09/kayleen-t-photography-giveaway.html), follow your blog and like your fb page. So I hope this helps me win :) Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the amazing work!

Monica said...

I would love to participated! supermoquina{at}yahoo.com

LIKE page, Like Add, Post on FB Wall :)

Jasmine said...

I would love to win a session! jazzsterner@gmail.com

Laila Talivakaola said...

I love love love your work!! I haven't contacted you a few times about working with you and somehow plans always fall apart :( Hopefully this time it will change. I admire what you do and the creativity that goes into it. Praying for this one!

Laila Talivakaola


++ posted on FB wall!!

Tina said...

Kayleen! I so enjoy following your work, would love to meet you!

Christina Keane

rachel vivienne said...

rachel varella: rachelvarella@live.com

rachel vivienne said...

Posted you on my blog!!


rachel vivienne said...

Posted on TWITTER!

rachel vivienne said...

Posted it on FACEBOOK!

rachel vivienne said...

Now following your blog!!!

rachel vivienne said...

"Liked" you on Facebook!!!!!

Alma G. said...

Thank you for doing this Kayleen! Your pictures are truly amazing and I hope that you continue capturing the beautiful images that you do :)


Alma Gutierrez



stephanie said...

I absolutely adore all your photos:) I hope I win the giveaway, fingers crossed! Bumblenee@Yahoo.com

R. Weinstock said...

Kayleen you are a great photographer, thanks for doing this!!. My older sister loves your work! and i mean loves! Everytime you post a new photoshoot session of photos she just comments on how amazing they are! She would love a photoshoot with you! wienstock@yahoo.com

++posted on facebook!

Anonymous said...

Kayleen I love your work!!
Nicole Mika

The Andersons said...

I love your work Kayleen! It's so beautiful and capturing...you have true talent! I would especially love the photography shoot with you because I'm getting married 11-11-11!:)

Anonymous said...

Hope me n my little family win...love your work!!

Nita Fonua

bre said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! My hubby and I are in desperate need of some photos! lol, it's only been 6 years since our wedding, and we don't have any real great ones since!


bre said...

I posted on facebook about your giveaway.



bre said...

I follow your blog!


bre said...

Like you on FB! :)


Anonymous said...

I posted on facebook and I like your page already on FB.

Nita F.

Logan and Toni said...

Toni Militoni :)

Anonymous said...

I'm following your blog!!

Nita Fonua

Lizzy Pinckney said...

Liked you on Facebook! And I'm following your blog, I luhhh it!

Lizzy Pinckney

ksime said...

Love your page Love your work!!

Anonymous said...

Love your work Kayleen! :) Neti Taumoepeau 6seven6@gmail.com

Misi uluave said...

Hey Kayleen I love all your work....sooo professional...and you make everyone look flawless and beautiful.... i liked your facebook... tweeted... following your blog...posted on facebook added your lil link...

Jonathan Calderon said...

Hi Kayleen!!! I love your work
Jonathan Calderon

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to looking at your photos, I love when you post new stuff! Your so talented :) I'm lovin your style.
Sarah Weinstock

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaylene
I love this giveaway session. You're the best photographer I came across and just fell in love with all your pictures. Absolutely love the photos you did with my little family and would love to do it again if I win or lose.
Vika Hafoka

Vika said...

oh I forgot to write what I did. LoL.
I hit LIKE on your page, I posted on my facebook and I just joined google account in order to follow your blog. I would do all the others but I don't have a blog or Twitter account.
Absolutely LOVE your work. You are the BEST I've seen. LOVE LOVE LOVE It.
Vika Hafoka

La [Toya] said...

<3 ur work!:)

La [Toya] said...

<3 ur work. U r truely talented:)

Solo&Soloi said...

Soloi Vakalahi
Solosoloi@hotmail.com :)))
*crossing my fingers*

Tali said...

i've been meaning to see about setting up an appointment anyway...just had a delay in the losing-the-baby-fat department...either way i want you to do our family pictures..love your stuff!

Tali & Inoke Hafoka

IzzieGuire said...

I'm sorry your're not feeling well!! Hate being sick & having sick kiddies!! :( I've been away for awhile but I'm reaaaaally hoping our paths cross again!!!

Penny said...

Great work! Always been a fan of magnificent photography. Mind if you try out on our photo contest? We're hosting one at http://thephotochallenge.com/

Jenny Saena said...

I've ALWAYS been a huge fan of your work!!! Your work is truly ONE OF A KIND!!!:)Every picture you've captured is definitely a work of art, would love and appreciate it so much if you captured our next family photos it's been awhile since we've had any and our family is expanding!Congratulations on all your success, you totally deserve it!!!

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