B O R E D O M .

Today. consisted of nothing. to. do.
I finished all my client sessions over the weekend, just waiting for post offices to open tomorrow.
The kids were out having a day of fun with Grandma.
I had no pressing matters so I edited a few photos from sessions I'll be blogging.
Fed this baby way too many carbs today. 
Messed around trying to hone my retouching skills.
(I love fashion high-end retouching but it's hard teaching yourself, if anyone out there has any great resources/tutorials feel free to share!)
Facebooked some more.
and now blogging.

Want to see what I did?
Go ahead click to enlarge, not that Elise needs any retouching.

worked on some of these too. more to come promise!


tracie said...

I just want you to do a tutorial on on how you make your pictures so beautiful. You are truly amazing.

Missy Desiree said...

I agree with Tracie!

Kayleen T. Photography said...

for sure girls, here's what I did:
First I added a curves layer to add contrast because it was a little flat.
Then I googled "high pass filter skin smoothing" and found a tutorial to sharpen her pores and inverted high pass to smooth her skin.
Dodged and burned to bring out highlights/shadows in her face/eyes/cheekbones.
Burned a little bit around her to darken background.
Color balance to add tone... though it did upload a bit green it is really more magenta/pink.
And that was it, hope that helps!! :) Let me know if you have questions.

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