W O M E N . I N . W E D D I N G S . R E T R E A T .

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to a special retreat for women who own businesses in the wedding industry here in Utah. 
The cabin was lovely, the women were interesting and the conversation was stimulating.

I have to admit I'm not very business savvy.   
For the past almost 2 years since I've started 
I have just put my work out there hoping it would be received positively 
and if I've gotten anywhere it's been from that alone. 
So, being around these women who are the best at what they do 
and have been running their successful business for years was inspiring. 
Their drive and notions to improve the wedding industry in Utah 
made me really excited that I do what I do!

hosting such a fun weekend and allowing me to be apart of it! 

Some of the other lovely ladies, check them out!! They are the best of the best. 
Hilary, owner of Alta Moda.  
Jacque, of Riehl Events.
Megan, of Pink Piggy.
Mara, of LMG Events.
Cynthia, of Enizio.
Autumn, writes for Utah Bride Blog and is a wedding connoisseur
Brittany, of Cascio Photography
Carrie, of Carrie's Cakes (she brought the best tasting cupcakes ever!)
Jacque, of Jacque Lynn Photo
Lenni, of Salt Lake Magazine



sweetevis said...

how much fun! I love the last image :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a great opportunity sis:) I wanna hear about it some more!! Hehe.


Cascio Photography said...

Oh Kayleen! it was so nice to meet you! glad one of us pulled out the camera! your images are beautiful :) I hope I see you there again next year... or before then!!!

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