Mt. Timpanogos Temple Wedding Photographer: Tatum + Aisea

They were students at a college tucked away in a small town, away from friends and family.  
Through studying, exams and all the daily stresses of being a college student 
a friendship formed that bloomed into love. 
Isn't that the strongest kind though, built on the foundation of friendship!?   
He proposed on stage during a performance, 
on one knee  (the right way....what's up with the no kneeling proposals fellas??!) of course.   
Together they like things like hiking and outdoor adventures.   

Tatum and Aisea were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.
Their day was filled with lots of loving family, beautiful details 
and tons (like yards and yards and yards) of fabric from Samoa! :)


The lady looking FIERCE!  I loved the varying styles of  yellow bridesmaid dresses.
mount timpanogos temple wedding photographer

The rings!
The cake and other details.


I really love real, in-the-moment photos...
but Tatum was camera ready at ALL times... 
She was always ready with a pretty smile whenever my camera was pointed her direction.  
she really put my ninja-photojournalist skills to the test! hehe.  
See below in a few pictures I titled, "Where's Tatum"!  :)


Tatum + Aisea!  Thanks so much for having me be apart of your special day! I had so much fun getting to know you and I wish you all the best in the future! 

To view or order photos from their special day click here.

Also, check our facebook page to view more photos from their wedding day!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the colors! They just punch your face like, "Kapow!"

Puanani Tuiolosega Tagoa'i said...

Beautiful photos Kayleen!! LOVE!

AhquinFotoz said...

You're frecken awesome!! Love every single pic!!

Kiki Fangupo said...

love that color combo! these are GREAT!

Anonymous said...


tomi // mytigerlily makeup said...

Oh my goodness I love these wedding photos. I seriously stared at some of them for longer than I probably should have.. I esp liked how you did that manly man group photo.

Anonymous said...

I obsolutely love how you did tatum and aiseas pics!!!!! They are far from beautiful, it's gorgeous!!!! My favorite is the one when tantum stands in front of the bridesmaid and flower girls!! She stands out eSpecially bacause everything else besides her is blurry!! Love it!

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