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Meet the adorable Sekona family! How cute are these kids!?
utah family photographer
Utah family photographer
Utah family photographer
Utah family photographer
Salt Lake City family photographer
family photographer in Utah

Oh yeah!...the kids LOVE me! ;)

Utah family photographer


Ashley said...

What a beautiful family. The children are so cute. I absolutely love the red wall!! Awesome job again Kayleen!

Sina Otukolo said...

aww... I Love there family pictures! The kids are growing up so fast and Tiana is soo beautifull like her mommy! Lover your photo shoots Kayleen! Keep up the GOOD work! :)

Kiki Fangupo said...

Tiana is sooooooo pretty!! Great shoot!

Pinky said...

beautiful family! sweet light, i love that baby on the skateboard, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Another great job Kayleen! Love the photo's! What a Beautiful Family.

GladysJem said...

HI Kayleen! Your comment was so cute. BTW, I love the songs on your blog. I am swaying side to side just typing this ;)

p.s. the baby you photographed with the family so freakin cute!

Dasl*it Photography said...

OMG.. How old am I.. The dad was one of my husbands young men.. George beautiful family.. Send our love to your family..

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